New Flooring Material Cost Comparison

The price of flooring material varies from $0.50 to $15 per square foot depending on the product. High-end wool carpet, exotic wood and specialty tile are pricier than basic vinyl or laminate. Check out the table below for material costs.

Flooring Labor Rates

Text There are several factors to consider when calculating the labor rate for your flooring projects. Get started with this overview. Then, talk to a professional flooring contractor for an accurate quote.

Labor Cost Factors

Type of material
Sales taxes or import fees on materials
Difficulty of project
Distance to the job site
Amount of prep work required
Cost of new subfloor and baseboard (if needed)
If existing floor needs to be removed before work can begin
Testing and remediation of hazardous materials (if needed

Vinyl Floor

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a subcategory of hard floors. One of the main characteristics of these systems is that they mimic the appearance of other flooring systems such as wood or stone. Also, you have the advantage of reducing maintenance costs and other inconveniences of wood and stone. Therefore, the luxury vinyl system is the solution that you have been looking for. Contact Bay Custom Floors today to enjoy our high-quality services.

Laminate Floor

Bay Area Custom Floors offers top quality installation and flooring. Bay Area Custom Floors main objective is to install all laminate floors to the highest industry standard, so rest assured you have come to the right place. With over 20 years of expertise in the Flooring Industry, we offer a top-quality service guarantee.

Bay Area Custom Floor installers have the highest quality of skills. We never compromise our standards, and we always focus on long-term value for our customersHave our professional in-house estimators measure your new floors today, we carry a wide selection of name brand flooring at your disposal.

We will guide you through selecting materials of your choice, which includes selecting your laminate flooring, molding, trim and underlayment.

Tile Floor Contractor

Tile floors installations are a great alternative if you want to renovate your flooring system. There is an infinite amount of possibilities while using this material. You can use them in your bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, and living rooms. Moreover, the tile floor system possesses many advantages for the homeowner.

Among the several types of tiles, you can find ceramic, porcelain, stone, metal, or glass. Therefore, all these types of tiles offer the users durability and an elegant appearance. If you are concern about the environment, tiles are an eco-friendly material that results to be a cost-effective alternative.

Tiles have increased their use in the United States over the last decades. This lead to the conclusion that tiles offer many benefits to the general population. Also, they enhance and boost creativity because of the infinite types of designs, colors, and textures that can change the appearance of your flooring systems. Call our team of experts today and enjoy the benefits of tile floor installations.

Custom Floor Leveling

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Sub Floor Installations

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Anthony did an amazing job installing laminate flooring on the stairs and landing. He also leveled the landing using leveling material/cement which he did expertly. True professional. Very hard worker and gets the job done. Also very conscientious about his work which is very much appreciated.  Finished job on time. Very happy with the finished product.

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